Current issue - Fox 

How to correct it if your out of balance - Swan 

Most likely energy outcome should you do what you need to correct it - Hyena

Fox energy starts out the week. Foxes are quick to learn and adapt as well as making good teachers. They are smart, strong and make good life partners. They are in it for the long haul. 

   If you started the week in balance you may have found that you are wanting to connect to people you feel close to. At work you may be the person that is being asked to show coworks a new procedure or to solve a tricky problem. You may just be the person people come to to feel uplifted. If you started out f balance you may feel like you have to be sneaky or that people are making you out to look sneaky.  

Swan energy is is what you can use to correct yourself if you’re out of balance or you can tap into the swan energy to stay balanced. Swan energy is all about being creative. By using the creative flow in solitude. It is calling you to listen to your inner voice and create to reveal an inner vision. To maintain you balance plan something with people close to you. An art and wine night; Mala making; write a short sketch; play charade; anything that encourages connection and creativity.    

Hyena energy is where you may find yourself after working on regaining balance. If you’ve been successful in regaining or maintaining your balance you may find yourself being witty, fun and charming. If balance was not achieved you may find yourself being petty, scrappy and suspicious of those around you regardless of how close you are to them.  

Share me your experiences with your energy this week.