Three card spread for: Card 1) Current Energy - Peacock Card 2) Obstacle Energy - Scorpion Card 3) Ending Energy If We Do The Work - Moth

Peacock is about inner-beauty, compassion and  is the assimilator of anything.  This energy is not about wearing the best brands or most expensive things.  The peacock knows its' feathers are beautiful but is not relying on that to express its' beauty, it is relying on the beauty within to shine through.  A peacock can take an old shirt and jeans look like designer wear just by standing tall, feeling great about themselves and treating every sidewalk like a runway.  Also, by being able to adapt to whatever comes their way allows them to not hold on to any ill-will or resentment.  When this energy is in balance we are confident and kind but when out of balance the smallest change for us can throw us for a loop and be a problem we carry for the week.  Corrective medicine would be to meditate focusing on the area where the sacral and solar plexus chakras overlap.  

Scorpion energy can come with a sting, a flash of heat or passion.  This passionate, competitive energy is what will be the challenge for those striving to be the peacock all week.  Scorpion energy brings out the competitive nature in us.  This can be a good thing but like many bites or stings from a nature if not treated properly or with the right medicine it can fester and become dangerous to us and those around us.  We ruminate on past burns and injuries.  We let ourselves become consumed by the fires or jealousy and resentment.  This can manifest in becoming isolated and venomous ourselves to others.  When stung with scorpion energy we need to express the venom.  We can do this by being open about our feeling and hurts.

Moth energy is where most of us that start the week as peacocks but get stung by the scorpion will end up.  We will get to the end of the week thinking that "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" when what is really happening is that we are compensating after being stung.  Many of us have a hard time dealing with being vulnerable, failing or succeeding and dealing with what is bothering us.  Many of us will jump to the next thing.  Forget what just happened.  Pretend that it didn't happen and just flutter over the fence.  Sometimes we even talk ourselves into it by focusing too much on what others are doing or how successful they are when really if we just finished what we were doing we might actually see how wrong we were.  

Many of us (me included) will find it difficult to maintain the peacocks energy through this but that is ok.  If you are one of the few that have the Peacock down pat then keep it up and be patient with the rest of us.  Try and start each day like the peacock.  If you happen to encounter a scorpion situation along the way and can avoid it early work on staying kind and compassionate and do some sacral and solar plexus meditation.  If catching it early is not what happens then try to work on forgiveness of yourself and others and be a little bit vulnerable to people that you trust.  To stay in the now and benefit from it and learn I recommend that you try to stick to the task or project if you can or finish one that you have been putting off.  You may very well find that the grass is full of beautiful things on this side of the fence.