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EO Chakra Products Creation Story

My path to chakras began in 2016 but my spiritual journey started over 30 years ago.

It all began with a set of tarot cards and an amethyst crystal. Both of which I still have to this day. I’ve always felt drawn to the Earth, to polytheism, to balance and to old magics. For a while I practiced with a small coven but slowly started to drift from my path. I lost my direction, my identity, my souls passion and belonging. I was lost for almost 20 years until I decided to reach outside my comfort zone and attend a couple of classes connected to my local metaphysical shop.

First it was a class on animal guides that reignited the spark that had gone out so long ago. I needed more. More connection, more knowledge, more fuel for this renewed fire. My second foray on my new found path was a weekly course on the chakras.

As I took the course, I noticed that while my brain was connecting to the words and idea of what was being taught my body and spirit seemed to be left out so to speak. I needed something more to get the deep feeling and meaning of the chakras and that’s when I read about using scent to connect. I didn’t know then that this would be the beginning of my chakra story.

I had tried a few different products but I found that they were either sickly sweet, cloyingly floral, stimulated migraines or did nothing but fill the room with perfumed scent. The only solution was to make my own. I decided to look into what plants, body parts, areas and scents were connected to each chakra. I used intuition, trial and error to see what connected me. I began to make sprays to aid me in my journey.

I took them to the classes each week to share my new found passion. The other participants liked them and found them useful. The bonus of these sprays was the smell did not overpower, linger or drift from the space. In fact people in other groups had no idea that we were using them. I then began taking them to my 9-5 job to continue my practice. My coworkers complimented me on them and were pleasantly surprised that the scents never left my office. The next thing I knew they are asking if I sell them and how much?

My passion only keeps growing. I have been blessed with support and encouragement from mentors, colleagues, customers, family and friends. I’m constantly humbled at the support and love from people all over the world in all different areas and walks of life. It also reignited my spiritual journey to where I found my Witch family and began to find my true self.

My path continues to wind it’s way, broadening it’s footprint and allowing me to explore ways to improve my self and the passion that I share with you. I am in the process of becoming a certified aromatherapist so that I can continue to grow and give back in new ways. I’m constantly developing, designing and imagining new products, new ways to deliver the current scents and new ways to connect to the Witch within.

I hope you continue to join me on this path. To be able to share my experiences, knowledge and products to aid you in your life journey is a true gift.

❤️ Michelle

Soulpreneur of EO Chakra Products

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