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Passion for Balance

I was first interested in making them while I was taking a course on the Chakras in my city. I am a quite a concrete thinker and my brain needed prompting to connect to my chakras. I needed a way to train it to associate the words and description of each chakra to a feeling that I was supposed to and needed to feel. By creating these scents for that purpose I found a passion. So I developed these mists for personal space use. I wanted something that I could use when I needed it but would not chase my family or co-workers out of where I am working. I like to use them when I am sitting at my work table while my husband watches TV on the other side of the room. Unlike most misters there is no lingering perfume smell and with a manual mister you can control the amount that you need. This is not the end but the beginning for these wonderful scents so keep checking back here for new items. I hope you get as much of what you need from them that I do and I hope to hear about your experiences and suggestions about the product.

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