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  • Essence of Lavender

    For my Witchy practice this is connected to earth and air, purification and meditation. For me there is always some earth element in plants and animals as they are directly connected to Gaia.
  • Essence of Ylang Ylang

    I am bad at not seeing when I need to work on this and I’m usually reminded with big emotional breaks and triggers or when I get a lot of water or moon based tarot cards.
  • Essence of Wild Orange

    This is the perfect oil to add to any abundance ritual as it will help raise the energy vibration to a level that is attractive to opportunities in the Universe.
  • Essence of Ginger

    Use it to make clear decisions that keep you on the path to your goal.
  • Essence of Cedarwood

    So you want to know the secret to the magic of cedarwood?
  • Essence of Rose

    There are only two products that contain Rose Essential Oil that I currently make: Smudge Off Spray and Soap and Sweet Dreams Spray
  • Essence of Neroli

    Affirmation: "I am in control of my reactions, I write my own destiny and create a stress-free world for myself"
  • Essence of Melaleuca

    You could add some straight or diluted oil ... and wash away the negativity in your energetic field
  • Throat Chakra Blog part 2

    I am also not a fan of and don't think I partake in passive aggressive behavior though this is something that I have witnessed happening in a predominately feminine work space.
  • Throat Chakra Blog part 1

    Three of Swords - I often say to myself and others that I don't care if people like me or not and in the moment I believe that to be true.

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