Mantra/Affirmation From the Oracle of the Essences guide book - "I have unlimited choices.  Opportunities are everywhere."

Divinatory properties This oil and scent is working with your solar plexus chakra.  Use it to open yourself to the opportunities that the Universe puts forward.  This oil can help you bring spontaneity into your daily life.  This is the perfect oil to add to any abundance ritual as it will help raise the energy vibration to a level that is attractive to opportunities in the Universe.  Ganesh is connected to Wild Orange.  This scent is also remarkable for self-esteem, assurance and confidence.  When you use it, stop and take a deep breath.  Notice if you feel more vibrant, awake or open.  Are you smiling?  I do every time I smell Wild Orange.

About the plant Most "Orange" essential oil is labelled at "Sweet Orange or Bitter Orange".  Bitter Orange Essential Oil is photo-toxic where as Sweet Orange is NOT photo-toxic unless it has been distilled.  They are extracted using cold pressing of the rind of the orange.  Photo-toxic means that exposure to sunlight can cause burning, blistering and inflammation.  Make sure you check to see if the oil that you are using is photo-toxic or causes photosensitization before applying to your skin and if it is do not expose that area to the sun for 12 to 18 hours. 

How to use it You can use the oil to wake you up like that glass of orange juice in the morning.  Blend it with other citrus oils for an even more vibrant and awakening effect.  Mix it with cinnamon, clove or nutmeg to get that warm winter holiday feel. Use it when you are feeling down or need to come back to the present.  It always makes me smile and smiling creates happy hormones to improve our mood.  Don't have Orange Oil around?  That's okay, stop by your produce department and pick up and orange.  Just peel it to release that lovely and intoxicating oil and breathe it in.  Don't forget to smile while you enjoy the smell and the taste.  I like a nice orange tea every now and then.  I will sometimes use a cinnamon stick to stir in some spicy warmth on a cold day.  So start tricking your brain by using Orange Oil and smiling.  Come on we can fake it to make our day end up so much better.

Products EOChakra uses it inCurrently, you can find it in two different products. 1) "Show Me The Benjamins" spray - It is in a blend of Orange, Cinnamon and Clove to raise your Auric vibrations to attract wealth, stimulate your creative passions to make money and to speed up the manifestation time line.  I have also added some 24 K gold flake, who doesn't want or like gold, and a Green Aventurine stone. Both of these to attract financial abundance.  Happy Money Making!

2) "Wake Me Up" - Is a bright blend of Bergamot, Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon.  It is that bright, fresh exilerating glass of orange juice to get you going without the glass or the juice.  Makes me smile thinking about it.

I am currently working a line of "anointing oils" so if you have one you want or are interested in learning more about let me know.

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