Ylang Ylang

Mantra/Affirmation and Wise Words Affirmation from the Oracle of the Essences guide book - "I release the past and that helps me to remember who I truly am.” Wise words from the Oracle of the Essences guide book - "Creativity exists more in the searching than in the finding.” ~ Stephen Nachmanovitch

Divinatory properties This is a very heart centred oil.  It is a soft, playful, sensual scent. If you’v been drawn to Ylang Ylang it may be because you have some past hurts that you are gripping too tightly to your heart. Take some time to practice letting your emotions flow naturally. If you have a strong negative or dislike of Ylang Ylang or you have been suffering a lot of grief and sadness or are feeling disconnected from yourself this would be a good time to work on the heart chakra. Show yourself some compassion by stepping back and dealing with those heart held issues. It is often combined with Jasmine for love spells and tokens. 

EO Chakra's Divinatory Connections: For my Witchy practice this is connected to Earth and Water, the suit of Cups in the Tarot, things held from childhood that need to be released, emotional trauma and of course meditation.  For me there is always some earth element in plants and animals as they are directly connected to Gaia.  I will often need physical grounding when I’m dealing with heart chakra things so I will sometimes do this work in a private space outdoors or at non-busy hours in a public park or before everyone wakes up in my backyard.  The water element connection comes from its connection to emotions, letting things flow and the moon as this can be a magnifier of emotions. I am bad at not seeing when I need to work on this and I’m usually reminded with big emotional breaks and triggers or when I get a lot of water or moon based tarot cards. So a reading with the Moon and the 2, 5 and 9 of cups will be an BIG AHA moment.  I will take my Be Still Spray, a little Ylang Ylang essential oil in a nice carrier oil with me and use it while I sit and journal, meditate, draw cards or sit in contemplative silence. Usually it’s all of them because I waited so long to delve into the abyss. 

About the plantAlso known at the Cananga Tree it is native to India, Malaysia, Indochina, the Philippines, Indonesia and Queensland, Australia.  

How to use it I have found that you either love Ylang Ylang or you don’t. So if you like the scent you can always add a little to some carrier oil of your choice and put some on your heart, throat and third eye chakra points before you meditate.  As you are about to start your meditation put one drop in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together, bring your cupped palms to your nose, inhale and begin your meditation. I try to do this when I am thinking about what I need to work one.  

Now if the scent is not your thing you could take some dried Ylang Ylang flowers and charge them with your specific intent, put them in a bottle and add a carrier oil to that.  I am not sure on the prices or availability of the dried flowers but it’s one option. One that I like to do with oils that are not my favourite is to find out what my scent tolerance level is for it or if I would prefer using it in a blend rather that alone. For tolerance levels I will put 10 ml of carrier oil in a 15 ml bottle leaving me space to add small amounts of essential oil or carrier oil.  I will ad one drop of essential oil give it a mix and let it sit over night.  The next day I will smell it to see if it’s too strong or not strong enough. I will add one drop of essential oil if it’s too weak, mix and let sit for 12 to 24 hours.  Smell it again and add another drop if I need to.  I will do this until it’s strong enough for me to a max safe level of 10 to 15 drops of essential oil.  If it gets too strong I have enough room in the bottle to add more carrier oil to dilute it.  Would you prefer a blend? If so, contact me and I can customize one for you or you could get Be Still in a carrier oil of your choice.  Just email me at Michelle@eochakraproducts.com or message me on Etsy, Facebook or Instagram. 

Products EOChakra uses it in Currently, you can find Ylang Ylang in one of my products:

  1. Be Still - Heart

I am currently working a line of "anointing oils" so if you have one you want or are interested in learning more about let me know.  Michelle@eochakraproducts.com

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