Mantra/Affirmation and Wise Words Affirmation from the Oracle of the Essences guide book - "I am at peace with my world and myself." Wise words from the Oracle of the Essences guide book - "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take." ~ Lewis Carroll

Divinatory properties This is the universal oil.  It is a calm and gentle oil that can be used on its own or in a blend.  I find that how usefull it is to me in a divinatory setting will depend on what I truly need.  It is connected to your nervous system and will calm your mind, body and spirit.  It will help stimulate spiritual healing and connection between your throat and third eye.  It will help to inspire nuturing and open expressions from the heart.

EO Chakra's Divinatory Connections: For my Witchy practice this is connected to earth and air, purification and meditation.  For me there is always some earth element in plants and animals as they are directly connected to Gaia.  The air element connection comes from how I often use it in ritual whether I spray it into the air or burn it in a wand or incense.  I will then use the smoke to purify items that I cannot use water and Smudge Off Soap on.  I also use it to sleep and meditate.  These for me are very similar practices with one being a deeply restorative thing for mind, body and spirit and the other being a shorter, lighter thing the I do more for spirit and mind.  I also use it in blends for some of my chakra work for Root (earth), Throat (air) and Crown (Divine).

About the plant

Lavender is a part of the mint family.  It can be a variety that comes back every year (perenial) or short lived (annual).  They usually appear shrub like and can become woody near the base.  The flowers appearing on a spike like stalk.  English lanvender is what is widely used and predominately preferred to make essential oils.  The buds and flowers are used both dried and fresh in cooking, teas and infusions.  You can also use the leaves as you would Rosemary or with Rosemary.  You can make sleep or dream pillows with dried buds or sachets for you dresser drawers.  Use it in your bath or oils.  It is a very versitile and lovely plant.   

How to use it The easiest use of Lavender Essential Oil is by adding some of it to your bath water to aid in your sleep.  If you're like me and prefer to bathe in the morning to "wake up" you can add it to small mister and mix that with vodka or witch hazel.  Shake vigoursly and spray on your pillow, bed linens or bed clothes.  It is important to not use straight distilled water as the vodka or witch hazel helps make small oil droplets dispirse easily and then that will evaporate off leaving the oil on the surface.  When I spray it on my bed linens and pillow I then go brush my teeth to allow the vodka or witch hazel to evaporate; then I flip my pillow over and go to sleep

Products EOChakra uses it in Currently, you can find Lavender in six of my products:

  1. Stomp Your Feet - Root 
  2. Speak Your Truth (spray and lip balm) - Throat
  3. Open Your Mind - Crown
  4. Focus Pocus
  5. No More Monsters

I am currently working a line of "anointing oils" so if you have one you want or are interested in learning more about let me know.

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