(From the guide book of the Oracle of the Essences)

Mantra: "I release things that no longer serve me, easily and effortlessly"

About the plant: It is native to Australia and is a member of the Myrtle plant family. The Aboriginal People of Australia have long known and used the healing properties of this plant. Also known as Tea Tree, the leaves were used as a treatment for coughs and colds and as an antiseptic treatment on wounds to prevent infection. It can be used in infusions for sore throats and skin ailments.

Metaphysical properties: Just as it can clear physical ailments you can use it to clear auric ailments, specifically negative energy. It can also aid in protecting you from negative people or toxic relationships and to reinforce your boundaries.

(From my life and practice)

How to use it:

Physical - You can mix up a cleaning spray for your home or purchase products containing it like soaps, sprays, foot and nail fungus treatment. There is a whole company that has based their products on it. You can buy Four Thieves Oil or make your own and use that in a diffuser to clean the air in a space.

Metaphysical - It is as much about intention as it is about how it is used to gain the desired effect. You can use it to clean up your auric energy field by adding it to a spray and spraying it around you while concentrating on clearing the negativity in your

auric energy field. You could add some straight or diluted oil to your palm,

rub them together and use your hands to wash away the negativity in your field. Add it to the diffusers or candles in your home to clean the negativity and to protect your space. You are only hampered by your imagination and conviction when you are doing it.

How EO Chakra uses it: I have made my own alcohol free hand sanitizer for the office using DIY “thieves” oil. I use the same ‘thieves” oil in a candle powered water diffuser to clean the air in my home and have it in some of my cleaners. I have even made foot bath oils for people with it.

How You can use it:

Bathroom Cleaner: Combine 10 drops of Melaleuca with ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup vinegar to clean the toilet.

Refresh Your Air: Add a couple drops of Melaleuca to your room diffuser or boil a pot on the stove.

Let me know how you use it? Do you like Melaleuca?