(From the guide book of the Oracle of the Essences)


"I encounter love in all my relationships and I love these encounters.  I give out love and it is returned to me multiplied many fold."

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About the plant:  

There are three types of Rose Essential Oils:

  1. Steam Distilled Rose Essential Oil is known as Rose Otto 
  2. Solvent Extracted Rose Oil is known as Rose Absolute
  3. CO2 extracted oil is known as Rose CO2 Extract 

CO2 extracted oil is consided superior in many ways to Rose Otto Essential Oil and Rose Absolute. 

They are all beautiful, intoxicating oils, but there are some differences worth mentioning: 

Rose Otto

  • Lighter in color and thinner in viscosity than Rose CO2 Extract or Rose Absolute
  • Preferred for topical use as no solven used for extraction
  •  Rose Otto Essential Oil is more expensive because it takes more rose petals to make

Rose CO2 Extract

  • Thicker than the Rose Otto but with a similar light color
  • Aromatically, it has a beatiful aroma that is more complete and more closely represents the natural fragrance of fresh roses

Rose Absolute

  • Thickest of the three and a darker red hued color
  • Favored by fragrance formulators and perfumists for its fragrance, aromatic strength and lower cost  

Metaphysical properties:  Rose is commonly use for working with love and connections of the heart.  It is often used as an aphrodisiac but it does not have to be romantic love but a deep soul connection.  It also represents harmony and balance in relationships.  

How to use it:

Physical - The oil itself in a lovely skin oil, lotion or butter is good for mature or sensitive skin.  In my muggle life I use it in a blend with coconut oil to calm my rosacea outbreaks and to remove make up. Metaphysical - Promotion of love is the most common metaphysical use of Rose Essential Oil.  You can use it in a bath or massage oil to help stir the passions of the heart.  Remember a little will go a long way as it is potent.  I like the real thing if I am using straight up rose so flowers and petals instead of oil.  Put bunches of roses where there scent will permeate the air and work on that connection.  Better yet as the scent of the rose is in the individual petals, sprinkle them on or around the bed or bath.  It's a beautiful soft smell, the petals are soft and the effort never goes amiss towards the desired effect as well. 

How EO Chakra uses it: There are only two products that contain Rose Essential Oil that I currently make: Smudge Off Spray and Soap and Sweet Dreams Spray.  In Smudge Off it is used to promote love on all levels and in Sweet Dreams it is used to work on stress to help children and adults sleep.  

Rose Geranium is often substituted in blends for Rose Absolute Essential Oil.  Rose Geranium is more affordable and is similar but different.  It always reminds me of my grandmothers rose skin lotion from Avon as a child.  I prefer the Rose Essential Oils and will often substitute the Rose Geranium with the Rose Essential Oil. Let me know how you use it? Do you like Rose Essential Oil?​