Well, what a lovely weekend to work on my Heart Chakra.  I had big plans for what I wanted to do but I soon found out my plans were not what I needed.  

I really wanted to spend some time at a local Midsummer festival but it was more apparent that I needed to spend some quality time getting things done with my husband.  Now I know that getting things done and quality time don't normally go together but when you are someone who often feels like you do the getting things done on your own it is meaningful.  We got groceries, gas and had a meal together out of the house, on our own.  We had conversations all day that wasn't arguing or "I need you to ..." or "I thought you were ...".  They were actually "How are you?  What are you looking forward to doing this week?  Your look really nice." kind of stuff.  

Sunday I finally told myself to try a recipe for a crown chakra intented shampoo.  I have been putting it off because I don't want to fail.  So I tried to talk myself into doing it with, "So what if it doesn't work, you scratch it off the list and try something else.  What's to be afraid of.  You can't succeed unless you try."  I'm not going to lie, I am scared to fail.  But then my husband parroted something back to me, "You won't know how well it works if it works until you make it and try it out.  Worse case scenario is that you wouldn't sell it right?"  He was right.  (Don't tell him that lol)  

So for the record about the shampoo.  After one wash today, at first the scent is kinda strong in the shower, it doesn't seem to linger in my hair after it's dry, and my hair feels great.  No conditioner or detangler needed.  I think this will be a great pre-ritual shampoo.