Ostara or Vernal Equinox

Are you having trouble raising energy for this Spring/Equinox? Are you having trouble putting that ”spring” in your step to get things started? Or even trouble getting out of your winter hibernation? It can be difficult when it still feels like winter and everything is still dark and cold. Ostara Bliss helps bring up that energy and to keep it up.

To me, a practicing Wiccan, I really feel like Spring starts to be all up in your face at this time. I live in the Northern Hemisphere on the West Coast of Canada so we still practice Daylight Savings Time. Here we “spring” our clocks ahead an hour and gain even more daylight. The first flowers of Spring are pushing up and those of us who plant start preparing and sowing seeds in greenhouses, window boxes and in heat lamped rooms. I start to feel more awake, engaged in my surroundings and I must admit, even a little frisky. Animals that were hibernating start to wake and stumble from their sleep. Looking for food, friends and someone to start a family with so that by the time the little bundles arrive there will be an abundance of food for them in the summer months. Now, in all reality I am sure this has already begun in the big world of nature but I think it’s the bunny in the myth that makes me think this way.

Over the next part of The Wheel, Ostara to Beltane, I will use this blend as I plant seeds in parts of my life. When I am spring cleaning it will leave the air ripe for sowing seeds of good habits and energy. For planting seeds or tending new growth of my crops it will help me channel energy to encourage growth and strength into the new plants. I will use it during my Ostara Ritual work. Lastly, to stop and take a deep breath, to remind myself that it is time to wake up from the winter blues, get out into the world and start the next part of my path. (Who am I kidding I will use it to make my space smell great as well)

This Sabbat takes place at the Spring Equinox but often gets caught up or co-opted into Easter. Bunnies, eggs, what was thought dead risen again. You get my gist. From what I have read and I am not an expert by any means, it would seem that originally only Winter and Summer Solstices were practiced regularly. That it was adopted to balance out the Wheel of the Year and to allow those who were still in the closet to have another two solar festivals to worship at. That Eostre the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the Dawn, associated with Ostara, is not mentioned in any belief system prior to Christianity. The trouble being that there is no historical record pertaining to a Pagan festival before this.

I was inspired by the coming of spring for this mist. It has a lovely light scent of Ylang Ylang and Sweet Orange with an undertone of Rose and Cardamom. To me it smells like the Spring morning sun as it is just starting to brighten the sky while I watch from a hilltop. Ostara Bliss named during a contest and was submitted by Sharron Basanti. It contains a 3% solution of Ylang Ylang, Rose Absolute, Sweet Orange and Cardamom in Witch Hazel, Emulsifying Oil , Preservative and Distilled Water.

So this Ostara/Easter/Spring/Vernal Equinox set your intention, give it a spritz and see what sprouts.

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