Are you feeling extra antsy and eager to reap what you have sown? Or are you experiencing a dip or low from your Ostara energy wave?  Are you not yet accustomed to the brighter morning light and in need of daylight “reset”? It can be almost a shock to the system to go from dark to light. It can also be difficult to maintain your energy levels after they were low or “hibernating” over winter and Ostara.  

For me, I really love this part of spring more even then the “up in your face” spring that started at Ostara.  We are six weeks in to spring and I am seeing the sprouts and benefits of my Ostara seeds. This is when I get anxious about whether or not things are going to work out. Here at home on the West Coast of Canada, or as some call it the “Wet Coast”, my 5:30am wakeup is brighter but with the increased rain not as bright as say 5:30am in San Diego. I have started to actually wake up before my alarm goes off, that is a little annoying but wonderful because I know it means more light, more engery. Recently, after my treadmill work out, I took some time to walk barefoot through the grass in my back yard. All the bluebells, grape hyacinths, trilliums, tulips, daffodils are out in full force. The rhododendrons are starting to bloom and the petals from the stiletto magnolia are floating in the breeze. The air smells so fresh and clean after the spring rain. When I stand still long enough the squirrels come out and run frantically around digging up their hoard of goodies. Blue Jays take roust on the fence and steal what they can. Robins are gathering up food for the hatchlings and the northern flickers are pecking away on everything from the lawn to the metal covers of the kitchen fan outlets. It sounds like spring steel drums. Colour and movement is everywhere. 

My goal Beltane to Litha is to continue to nurture what is needed; reap what is ready; plant late seeds or seeds for the next chapter and begin crafting what I will need for summer. Now with the days being longer I can harness more of the God sun energy and put it to work in my everyday life. Spend more time with nature, friends and family. Plan and have gatherings to celebrate all the abundance before me. Get ready for the summer wine and time to recharge my batteries. May and June in my home means an increase in citrus, lemons in particular with their bright colour and flavour. Lemon meringue pie that is just tart enough to make your mouth water and walnut lemon loaf sweet and tangy enough to keep you craving more. I also like to make a few DIY cleaning supplies that smell lemony.  

This Sabbat takes place between Ostara (Spring Equinox) and Litha (Summer Solstice) on May 1st. In Wiccan lore it is when the young Goddess is made pregnant by the young God. It is said that Beltane is a really good time for getting pregnant. So if that is not the Beltane “crop” you want to harvest, be extra careful. This is the time of the Oak King and he will reign until Winter Solstice and the time of the Holly King. In the modern traditions it is closely linked to the Roman festival Floralia. This was in honour of the goddess Flora. It was held near the end of April (27th or 28th) and would last for up to six days. The festival had a pleasure-seeking atmosphere and was full of wine, women and song.  Neopagan traditions of Beltane are connected to the Gaelic May Day festival.  This marked the beginning of the pastoral summer when farmers would put the livestock out to pasture. This was when it was believed that the sprites and faeries were very active (Samhain as well) and that the goal of Beltane rituals and offerings was to appease them. Rituals were done for protection of crops, livestock, and people and to encourage growth. Special bonfires were lit and the fires themselves as well as the smoke, embers and ash were used for protection. All household fires would be lit from these to encourage protection and prosperity for the home and its residence. 

The Sugared Lemon Beltane spray was inspired by the fresh smells of spring and the coming of summer. It has a bright clear scent of Lemongrass with a snap of Ginger. It smells like a bright, sunny spring day with the windows open, music playing and dancing while I dust. People have commented (I cannot disagree) it smells just like a lemon gumdrop!  I will use it in my sacred space, my bedroom and my office when I am stuck indoors and need an energy bump up. By increasing our vibrations we increase the things that are attracted to us. People, abundance, prosperity are just a few of the things that you can attract. Sugared Lemon Spray was named during a contest and was submitted by Sarah Troffe. It contains a 3% solution of Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, Myrtle, Ginger and Clary Sage; all in a base of Witch Hazel, Emulsifying Oil, Preservative and Distilled Water.  

So, will you be celebrating Floralia Festival or is May Day more your style? I like a little of both worlds myself; fun, frolicking and fire.  But I will always leave something for the Fae Folk. You should always use protection when you have fun, frolic and dance around fire.  

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