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I want to continue to work with the root chakra with all of you and the only way I know how to do this is to share some of my personal practices.  

Over the next week I will post a little update as to how I am connecting to and re-balancing my root chakra.  One thing is always a given, I will be using my Stomp Your Feet Spray or oil blend in some way.  

Yesterday it was working in my garden and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Now while the sandwich does not sound like a root chakra thing here is how I find that it connects; it is a below ground legume or bean (that's pretty earthy); it brings up childhood memories that I find grounding and are the basis or foundation of who I am.  The gardening for me is also reminiscent of "days gone by" and when I was a child as well as sinking my hands and feet into the earth.  Feeling like I have "plugged myself in" to the earthly energies.  It's funny now that I think about it I do the same when I go to the beach.  I set up my spot, sit on my towel or blanket and dig my feet into the sand.  

Today is all about sitting outside on my lunch break with my book next to the landscaped garden of lavender; rubbing some between my fingers. I try to start each day with my face to the sky, take a deep breath and smile.  I like to thank the God and the Goddess for this day, this moment and state at least one "I Am" statement.  Usually, "I am connect to Gaia and grounded by her love."  

Now, I ask that you comment on this blog and let me know what you did to ground recently.  Was it effective?  Would you continue to adding it to your regular practice? If it wasn't effective, why do you think so?


The current energy around this chakra - 5 of cups - Energy of loss or something missing; All is lost or ruined; glass is always half empty. My foundation has cracks and is not even but all I see are chasms and fissures, the foundation is just going to fall out from under me. This is the glass half empty.

What triggers this imbalance? - The Hierophant - Teachers, lessons and teaching; formal institutions; schooling; training. I am constantly looking outside my own knowledge or skill base to consult with my teachers, mentors and idols. I am not looking or listening to the teacher within. I am also trying to be everything to everyone but myself; make sure my home is running smoothly (3 others live here), make sure work is running the way it should (35 people work there). Make sure my friends and family are happy, safe and know that I am there for them but then feel resentment when someone does something that I feel is selfish because they didn’t “check in with me”. This is the glass half full.

What does balance look like for this chakra? - Knight of swords - Charging ahead with my own ideas and plans. This is what happens when I am confident in my home and work environments. When all are safe, secure and happy; fed, watered and blooming in their own way. When bills are paid and business is good. This is the glass is always full. In Flow Of Money - is a benefit of balance.

What unknown obstacle(s) must be overcome to achieve balance? - 10 of wands - Trying to do it all, too much; uphill all the way. I need to stop being the martyr; stop thinking “have to do it all because others won’t or don’t or can’t.” Creator/Earth - I need to stop being everyone else’s source or earth stone. Mantra - I need to stop being the energy dumping ground or sink hole for everyone else so that they can balanced out.

What course of action should I use to overcome the unknown obstacle? - Need to connect with my inner High Priestess. I need to find the balance between inner wisdom, ancient wisdom and wisdom that I can seek from others. Vision - Trust my intuition and the messages from Deity; trust all my “sights” and “seeing”; that when I can’t see or don’t see something to trust that I may not have yet reached the answer that I’m seeking. Fierce Serenity - Believe in my own inner strength and fiercely trust my inner beast; that sometimes not getting the answer I “want or seek” is the answer and not knowing something means I need to learn more and that is ok.


 This spread was adapted from the Five Card Tarot Spread by @ethony at  

 Decks used: The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba; The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony and Danielle Mulligan; Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Donnelly; Seeds of Shakti Oracle by Sharon Basanti and Stomp Your Feet by EO Chakra Products. #rootchakra #chakratarotspread#unbalancedandbalanced #mudlahara#eochakraproducts #theeverydaywitchtarot#deborahblake #elisabethalba#awakenedsouloracle #ethony#daniellemulliganart #sacredcreatorsoracle#pixiecurio #seedsofshaktioracle#sharonbasanti 


I don’t know about you but favourite way to ground is to get my feet or hands dirty and wiggle my toes or fingers in the dirt or sand. I can then recharge my batteries and deposit any energy that is not serving me back into the earth for recycling. It also brings my mind and spirit back "down to earth" and I am able to calm myself and have clear rational thinking. When I am anxious, angry, feeling lost and not connected off come the shoes and I walk on the nearest patch of grass, sand or dirt.  

But getting out in the woods is not always option, like when I am at the office or commuting. So that is when I use Stomp Your Feet to get the same results. Whether it is a mist, roll-on or inhaler I can always find my patch of earth to ground me.   

Vetiver is literally there to help protect the earth you are "rooting" to. It is a plant that is used for regenerating damaged topsoil and for preventing erosion of the ground. Its woody outdoor scent which is made from the roots themselves helps to calm the nervous system of both the mind and body. I find that it is relaxing and allows me to settle into the earth.   

Lavender is one of the oldest used essential oil and has been used in everything from bathing rituals to mummification. It can reduce the feelings of insecurity, anger and agitation when used regularly. It can lift feelings of melancholy and lighten your heart. I find that it can aid in slowing my overactive mind and calming my nerves.   

Bergamot is a citrus fruit and is a great mood stabilizer. It can calm agitation and promote clarity. As it is a citrus oil it can be phototoxic when on the skin and exposed to direct sunlight. That being said the scent of bergamot can be uplifting and cause a spontaneous smile. I find a calming comfort in the scent of bergamot.  

Cedarwood is known to be good for the lungs and always makes me breath deep and long. Like the strong, tall, old trees it is derived from it is like breathing with the earth. Like lavender it has roots dating back to the ancient times and was used to connect with the spirt. I have always loved this scent and will roll down my windows whenever I drive past a cedar mill. #grounding #root #chakras #StompYourFeetMist #StompYourFeetRollon #stability #Muladhara #red


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