This is by @angelinasamadhi   


I want to continue to work with the Solar Plexus Chakra with all of you and the only way I know how to do this is to share some of my personal practices.

Over the next week I will post a little update as to how I am connecting to and re-balancing my Solar Plexus Chakra. One thing is always a given, I will be using my Tame the Beast spray or oil blend in some way.

I will also be posting a tarot spread that I have done to investigate the energy and activity of the chakra and what I can do to return it to balance if it is needed.

Please feel free to share your practices and experiences with me. Also, I LOVE feedback so let me know what you think whether it's about the spread, my practices, suggestions or this blog, I want to hear from you.


1) The current energy around this chakra - 10 of Cups - Abundance, wholeness, completion.  The energy is not lacking or overproducing.  It gets the attention that is required to maintain it in its balanced state.  I am constantly trying to be confident, stand up for my belief systems or views and listening to my gut instinct.  It has saved my life.

2) What triggers its imbalance? - Knight of Pentacles - I have a tendency to drive forward whole hog for the end goal with all my tools, skills, knowledge and passion but forget to or ignore doing the research.  To be overly fierce and strong-willed; stubborn even.  You could say that when this Taurus stands her ground she digs in deep. I don't really like to plod when I have a goal in mind; I usually tend to get a flood of ideas or things I want to do, try, correct, start, stop, finish...etc.  I forget to look at the little goals that will lead to the end goal.  Set out time frames if I need to acquire stuff before I can start or finish.  Basically, I need to plan better and rush headlong less.  Slow and steady wins the race and gets things done well not just done.

3) What does balance look like for this chakra? - Page of Pentacles - Planning, prepping, learning, decision making.  Thinking before acting, try to see all areas on the map and what sort of obstacles that I might encounter but maintain a new fresh outlook at the same time.  To maintain that childlike enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and try new things.  To not get too bogged down if I stumble and fall because it will happen but to try to use the glass is full approach (psst the glass is only ever empty in a vacuum so it's half full of at least two things so it is full).  To write down my goals and approach and to refer back to that should I start to be too Knight of Pentacles like.  EXTRA CLARIFICATION - Empress - I have all I need to achieve this within me.  Abundance is within me.

4) What unknown obstacle(s) must be overcome to achieve balance? - Ace of Pentacles - To remember that everything will be okay if I just keep moving and not get bogged down in my own shit.  Not to let self-doubt and self-hate rule.  Literally practice acknowledging it, thanking it for voicing its concern and bidding it farewell.  Tomorrow is a new day.  To not freak out about the enormity of the task or goal but to make the most out of the opportunities that I get.  You have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good.

5) What course of action should I use to overcome the unknown obstacle? - The Magician - I just need to keep manifesting. One way to do that is just to keep practicing that.  Put all the components together and practice.  Smile even when I don't feel like smiling to release serotonin (the happy hormone); sit up straight and breath from my belly; find one thing to compliment myself on (especially when I am doubting myself); connect with my supportive network to help me manifest my courage, confidence and remind me to listen to my instincts.   EXTRA CLARIFICATION - Page of Wands - This will be specifically evident when I come to a new path but to let my inspiration, love and drive give me the push I need.  Don't miss out because of fear.  Try it, if it "fails" then you know what didn't work and try something different.  This is my biggest weakness when it comes to my business.  I am so afraid of failing that I forget that it really isn't failure if I try and it doesn't succeed, it's only failure if I don't try at all.  It is best to try and find out the way something doesn't work so that you can find the way it does and then you will succeed.