Hello all, 

How has the week been for you? What chakra work have you been doing this week?

I have been continuing to work on keeping my solar plexus balanced. I have worn some yellow and eaten yellow foods to bump it up. I have also been wearing blue on screaming to release to much energy. 

You’re probably wondering why the blue and screaming. Well when you need to speed up a chakra to get it to the size and energy of balance, you do things that match that chakra. So with the solar plexus you wear and eat yellow; stand up for yourself, you choose things to boost your confidence or courage or you do something that improves your health, healing or happiness. 

When you’re in danger of your ego getting the better of you; you start to see bullying traits come out; or you are flirting or doing bad unhealthy habits or addictions you need to slow that energy and chakra size down. To do that you can try to not do those things but it‘s hard to stop a spinning wheel or you can work with the chakra of the opposite colour. So if you look on a colour wheel the opposite colour is blue; blue is connected with the throat chakra so wearing makes sense. The screaming is a way for me to get the energy out. 

I usually notice that my solar plexus chakra is outta whack at work so I will go to my car on my break or at the end of the day put on a rockin’ loud song that I love and either “sing” along or just scream. If I notice it soon enough I may be able to use constructive conversation with someone or I may even just talk to myself. I think I like to “singing” or screaming. 

So, what would you do combat on overactive? What have you tried? What worked, what didn’t?