This is by @angelinasamadhi   

1) The current energy around this chakra -  8 of Cups - I need to burn my last connection(s) to past hurts and I need to move forward and away from it.  Without trying to let it go and move forward I will never be whole.  I am not expecting to forget the hurts but I need to stop letting them guide my way.  My journey is mine and I am where I am and who I am because of my past.  I have what I need, all I need to move forward. 

2) What triggers imbalance? - 9 of Wands - Fear and hurt triggers my imbalance.  In fact, by the look of this card I am down to my last lines of defense.  I am cornered and injured but I am not alone.  I just need to stand up and fight another day.   

3) What does balance look like for this chakra? - Strength - To be able to find some calm in light of a brooding storm or to be able to find the domestic a cat in the wild lion.  To stand tall in self-love, confidence and assurance knowing that I can weather the storm and that there are some things that I can "control" or influence and trust to be safe and true.  As long as there is inner love and balance it will influence the outer chaos.  

4) What unknown obstacle(s) must be overcome to achieve balance? - 10 of Cups - To see, know and feel what is truly there before me.  To know that all I need is there for the asking.  Companionship, nourishment, wonder, new ideas, mentor-ship, partnership, love, temptation, bounty.  To realize that I do not want for anything for my mind, body and spirit but I just need to reach out when I need to.  I am never alone.  EXTRA MESSAGES:  8 of Swords - I may feel confined but I need to trust what I know not just what my eyes see.  05 Move Beyond Intention to Belief - It is true believe it! 

5) What course of action should I use to overcome the unknown obstacle? - 10 of Wands - Hard work and dedication but not martyrdom.  Need to clean house both metaphorically and physically.  Do drop what is not mine to carry and give it back to the proper owner.  Only own and carry what is mine.  I will be lots of hard work, some of it solitary but only when I choose or it dictates.  One foot in front of the other and keep moving forward and upward.  EXTRA MESSAGES: 07 Choose Who You Are Becoming - Don't let someone else define you,that is your right and obligation.  Knight of Pentacles - Pick a goal and go for it. 

This spread was adapted from the Five Card Tarot Spread by @ethony at used: The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake and Elisabeth Alba; The Awakened Soul Oracle by Ethony and Danielle Mulligan; Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Donnelly. #heart #heartchakra #chakratarotspread #unbalancedandbalanced #eochakraproducts #theeverydaywitchtarot #deborahblake #elisabethalba #awakenedsouloracle #ethony #daniellemulliganart #sacredcreatorsoracle #pixiecurio